I Am Hunger

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There's a dark cloud over my head,
Questions being thoughts unsaid.
A feed of delusion, a grand confusion,
Impossible to evade.
It's not the scenes of a lost mans dream,
That makes him yearn for his way to redeem.
It's not the ambient void of care, that leaves him in despair.
Indifferent, and it feels like i'm not alone,
To feel this shit i've felt so long.
I'll take this fight on my own.
I've got the same taste in my mouth,
The same tears still pouring out of my eyes.
If only you could hear me,
I would tell you lies, nothing but lies.
Cause i'm not the one to speak in verity,
I'm not the one to speak of immorality.
No one living in this mess, could possibly grasp
What it truly means to care.
This is a kingdom built on graves,
Imposing a delicate grace.
Dead eyes on the throne,
Just make it on your own
It's a fucked up rat-race.

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